Breaking News Reports That There Is A New Morse Code Shoe With The Latest Technology For Saving Lives

What makes these shoes so special?


Intellinium Smart Morse Coded Safety Shoe

Smart Morse Code Safety Shoe Features

1/ The Toe Tapping Feature To Send Morse Code

2/ Equipped with a wireless card

3/ Sim Card in the side of the shoe

4/ Panic alert push button
5/ Possible Morse Coded Messages Which Can Be Sent:

  • Red Alert – 1 Long Signal
  • Orange Alert – 2 Short Signals
  • Bluetooth On/Off – 3 Long Signals
  • Cancel Alert – 2 Long Signals
  • I’m Alright – 3 Short Signals

6/ Allows the worker to send and receive messages without a cellphone and without using their hands!

7/ Built-in signal antenna so that messages can be sent wirelessly

8/ Internal Force Sensor Membrane to enable messages to be sent by moving the toe up and down
9/ External Force Sensor Membrane to enable messages to be sent by hand if the foot or leg is broken
10/ Left and Right Vibrating Sensors To Warn Worker Of Impending Danger
11/ Behaviour Pattern Detector Will Send Messages To Central Office If Behaviour Pattern Is Modified

12/ Electronic Components are kept in the Lateral Flexible Casing

13/ Temperature compatible from -20 C degrees to +70 C degrees

14/ Built-in LED for visual alert
15/ Message alert for impending danger sent by employer is also heard at 80 Decibels

Smart Device Adaptable For Own Personal Safety Shoes

If the worker decides they’d rather use their own shoes, the device is designed in such a way to make this option a very real possibility.

Integrated Mobile App

In order to monitor and setup certain features, the smart device is integrated with a mobile app so that features can be fine-tuned and configured according to preference.

Web-Based Dashboard

Being able to monitor workers in real-time to receive and read alert messages, a web-based platform is available for employers to communicate effectively with their workers in the field.

Who Has Created The Morse Code Safety Shoe?

A company situated in France called Intellinium

Intellinium Location Map
For More Information On Purchasing Smart Morse Code Safety Shoes Contact Intellinium


Smart Morse Coded Shoes are breaking through to solve problems in the industrial industry to make it a lot safer and save lives.

I believe they are Legit and we’d like to hear your views on the matter, so leave your comments below and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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