Best Way How To Earn Money For Writing Online Reviews

Like you, I’ve seen many websites with the above title and have been skeptical of the validity of writing reviews for other companies to earn money for writing online reviews.

I too, thought they were all scams, but I’ve found that it is possible to write reviews and get paid for them, so I’d like to share this opportunity with you to give you hope.

Maybe you’ve been scammed by other companies wanting to scam you out of your money you’ve earned, this will change as you read further.

I want to show you how to earn money for writing online reviews and earn from it legitimately, I know this opportunity is legit because I’ve gone through the process, been paid and spent the money, so I know it works.

Let’s Begin!

Have you ever used any of the following software applications?

  • SiteChecker
  • Canva
  • Whatsapp
  • Grammarly
  • Skype
  • Google Docs
  • Evernote
  • Mail Chimp
  • PayPal
  • MS Excel

…and a whole lot more, I’m sure!

You’d be able to give a review on any of these software applications that you’ve used, just like I am able to write successful reviews.

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My Success With Writing Reviews Online

My success began when I used Sitechecker to analyze the SEO on my websites because I wanted to see how it compares with Google Analytics.

Sitechecker Content Report

To my amazement it was quite user-friendly and the results were almost immediate as you could see the process happening before your very eyes!

If you want to check your website with Sitechecker, click on the link here.  But let’s carry on and see how you can earn an income from writing your own reviews!

Once I had used the software, which I was very impressed with, by the way, I thought nothing more of it until I checked my email.

Invite To Write A Review On Sitechecker

Imagine my delight when I received an invitation by Capterra to write a review on Sitechecker!

But hold on, wait just a minute! Is this really true or is this a scam? I had to brace myself and take another look to make sure enough it wasn’t a hoax or scam.

Reading the email again, I double-checked and you can read for yourself what was written:

Capterra Invite To Give Feedback On Sitechecker


There you have it!

As clear as daylight, and not only a review, but they will send me a $20.00 gift card.  This became more and more exciting as I read on, but still I kept my excitement intact hoping that it was true and not some scam.

So I thought to myself, why not just try it and see? I have nothing to lose and $20.00 to gain if it does work.

Off to writing a review I went.

Writing A Review For Capterra

After reading the invitation, I clicked on the relevant link and followed the prompts accordingly.

To my surprise I found that it wasn’t that complicated.  I thought I had to write quite an extensive review and had prepared myself to write reams and reams of information.

Having completed the review, I submitted it and waited to see what would happen.

Checking my email, I received confirmation that the review had been received and that Capterra was verifying it and would let me know their decision whether they accepted or rejected it.

Capterra Review What You Should Know

Imagine my surprise when a few days afterwards, I received the following email:

Congratulations! Claim Your Gift Card!

Capterra Review 20 Dollars Gift Card Claim

Wow! Now I knew this wasn’t a scam… but hold on! The money isn’t in my account yet… let’s not jump the gun… let’s wait until the money is in the account to verify that this isn’t a scam.

Following the prompts, I clicked on the Claim My Reward button and came upon the following options:

Capterra Gift Card Options

As you can see there are 4 eCard options to choose from:

  • Amazon
  • Apple iTunes
  • Starbucks
  • Visa USD

I chose Amazon since I know that I can purchase something from Amazon if I receive the eCard and that will be a great gift for me.

Capterra Amazon Gift Card Claimed

As you can see, there is the proof of the Amazon eCard for $20.00

Following on from this process they provide you with a link so you can add the amount to your Amazon Account and use it accordingly. All you do is click on the Redeem Gift Card link and follow the prompts.

Invitation To Provide 10 More Reviews At $10.00 Each!

But wait!

It didn’t stop there! I subsequently received yet another email asking if I would do 10 more reviews at $10.00 per review.

Capterra 10 More Reviews

Well, I was all in by this time and was quite chuffed that I had been able to do the first review and receive a gift card for it and so there was no hesitation whatsoever to take up their offer to do a further 10 reviews.

Without further ado, I got to it and started on my 10 reviews.

Each time I received a confirmation, and not long after that, about 2 or 3 days later at the most, I received the email with the reward of being able to claim the $10.00 eCard.

Choosing Gift Card Option

I decided to chose a different option this time and chose the Visa eCard electronic format because the physical card would take at least 3 weeks to reach me, plus there is a $2 to $3 exchange admin fee on the physical, whereas the electronic card is the full $10.00.

Capterra 10 Dollar Claim Visa Card

Little did I realize that I could accumulate the balance from further reviews, and so I decided to claim the $10.00 whilst the going was good and before it expires.

Once I had done 4 reviews, I discovered that I had a balance of $30.00 in my Capterra transaction profile, so decided to take another Visa eCard for $30.00 as I could use $30.00 better than single $10.00 amounts.

Consider my delight when I used the Visa eCard to pay for the renewal of my website domain!

Domain Renewal

I was so chuffed and happy that I was finally able to successfully benefit from writing a review online, be paid for it and in turn pay for something that would benefit me again!

So you ask again, “Is Capterra a Scam Or Legit Opportunity?” well here it is:


My final verdict on Sitechecker is that it is VERY much legit!

Why don’t you give it a try?

How To Earn Money Online For Writing Reviews

The first thing you need to do is click on the link, this is not an affiliate link, just a link to the website page.

Capterra Business Reviews Online – BTN

The following page will appear:

Capterra Review Website

Or, in my case an invitation was sent to me via email which can be seen below:

Capterra More Reviews

Once you the website page for Capterra appears you will see a search box.

In the search box, you need to choose a business software that you use and type it in the blank space. There are quite a few to choose from, so select them wisely, from the ones you choose, make sure you have actually used the software so you can give a great and accurate review.

Which Software To Review?

Here is a list of some of the options to choose from:

Capterra Software List 1Capterra Software List 2CapterraSoftware List 3

You need to know that only the most sincere and accurate reviews will be accepted. Capterra reserve the right to accept or reject the review, see the following excerpts:

Capterra Verification Process

Capterra Reviews Verification

Capterra Fine Print

How To Get Paid From Writing Reviews And How To Write A Review For Capterra

Who Can Write Reviews For Capterra?

You must be the person to post the review, and it must be your own opinion of the software, providing honest, accurate and correct information based on your personal experience of the use of the software being reviewed.

As long as you abide by the above Verification Process and Guidelines, you should have no problem having your review accepted.

Just be honest!

How To Write The Review Online

Here are some tips from Capterra on how to write a review online:

Capterra How To Write Reviews Online

Completing The Review Form

Once you’ve chosen the software you want to review, follow the next prompts, similar to those below (for the purpose of this review, I chose MS Excel and left the fields blank):

Capterra Write A Review scamorlegitinfo.comCapterra Write A Review 1 scamorlegitinfo.comCapterra Write A Review 2

Once you’ve completed all sections of the review, you can then click on the Submit button at the bottom.

The following notice will appear confirming your submission:

Capterra Review Submitted

At this point you should access your email which will confirm the submission of your review and that it is being verified. Subsequently you will be informed once they’ve completed the process.

It will look something similar to this:

Capterra Review What You Should Know

Acceptance Of Your Review

If your review is accepted, you will receive an email similar to the one below:

Capterra Congratulations

MORE Reviews For You!

Once your first review has been sent and a gift card received, you will receive an invitation to review more similar to the one below:

Capterra More Reviews

Capterra Fine Print

Important Note To Take Note

The last 2 paragraphs in Italics are to be read, and reread to make sure you understand the successful process of writing reviews that will be accepted by Capterra.

Should you chose to ignore these guidelines, you may certainly find that your reviews are not accepted.

Follow the guidelines and you’ll definitely succeed.

This is legitimately the best way how to earn money for writing reviews online.

How About You?

Have you written reviews online? Let us know of your experience, we’d love to hear from you, just leave your comments below.

Need to learn more about how to earn income online by writing your own reviews? Find out how to with my best recommendation here.