Finding The Easiest And Best Way Making Money Online: is Deadbeat Super Affiliate Scam Or Legit?

100 Dollars A Day Deadbeat Super Affiliate Basics PDF

Reading the eBook, Deadbeat Basics by Dan Brock in PDF format, I found that he:

Refutes that:

  • You have to work hard on your website
  • You have to work on your website 8 hours a day
  • You have to spend years on it before you start earning from it

Claims to have 5 website pages that earn him $100.00 each, every month

He further claims that he only spent 1 hour creating each one…


… but then goes on to advise about how to make QUICK affiliate sites – Pros & Cons

PPC – takes a lot of time and effort… But wait a moment!… I thought he said that you don’t have to spend 8 hours a day working hard on your website? Hmmmm?

… now all of sudden you need a HUGE budget to be able to use PPC? – if I don’t have money to pour into this PPC Project, how am I supposed to even start? … ohhhhhh, he mentions that he DOESN’T recommend this!


Mailing Campaigns

Now how about the Mailing List…? … well that takes up a lot of time, so that in his estimation, will take about a year of practice before you finally understand how to use it.

Digital Product Reviews

What about creating reviews for digital products? …. This is TOO HARD for newbies because it’s too competitive! He further believes that you don’t stand a chance until you learn the basics. Okay, so how long will it take to learn the basics? Just 1 hour for each review? I think not! Most reviews need to be researched to find the information you’re looking for to write the best review.

So if all these methods are not the best method, then WHAT IS, the easiest method to make money online?

Physical Product Reviews

But suddenly, it’s fine to create reviews for PHYSICAL products? Uhm, excuse me, just because it’s a physical product does it take LESS time to look for the research and form an opinion?

This he maintains is the EASIEST method to make money online! Let’s find out!


He further claims that most newbies will use Clickbank Digital products to start earning money online. But he says they don’t stand a chance until they have REAL experience! Surely this REAL experience involves a lot of hard work and spending hours at your computer researching the products you want to write reviews on?

Ultimately, he doesn’t recommend you use Clickbank until you have REAL experience… when that will be, I’m not sure…

Ah! So he believes that using Amazon as an Affiliate Marketer is the way to go!


Hmmmm… now let’s see…

One of the main criteria that Amazon allows you to be affiliated with them to promote products, is that you should have a certain amount of traffic coming to your site monthly…

Now I ask you, if I don’t have to work so hard on my website, how is the traffic really going to just miraculously flock to my website in droves if I haven’t spent lots of time and hard work creating it to attract the traffic requirement Amazon needs?

… and that’s just 1 aspect of the conditions to becoming an Amazon Associate!

Suddenly he reveals how much time and effort he has put into researching Amazon Products…

… believe it or not, he’s spent 40 hours niche researching products on Amazon!

Aha! So you DO have to put in a lot of hard work spending hours doing research to find information to promote PHYSICAL Products on Amazon! Can you see how this claim contradicts his initial claims?

Another claim he boasts about is that Amazon is 99.9% UNSaturated as the niche markets still have low competition!

How can this possibly be true when millions of shoppers are purchasing from Amazon and MANY Affiliate Marketers are promoting their products?

He claims that all you have to do is send traffic to Amazon… again, back to how is going to happen if I don’t spend time on my website?

Furthermore, he believes that you ‘set and forget the Amazon Sites’ you create for PHYSICAL PRODUCTS… how is this best for the customer looking for that product?

What if the product is now obsolete, or taken off the market, something better has replaced it? Of course you have to update ANY review you create and tweak it to get the maximum benefit of traffic to Amazon if you want Google to help you at all!

Now we come to the nitty gritty of what he recommends you TO DO!

Find Products To Promote

First thing is you have to find a product to promote….

… oh but that’s easy… no, it isn’t! It … takes time! A lot of time to research and find the information you need to promote a product! This will typically take anything from 1 hour to 3 hours or even MORE to JUST FIND the product YOU believe will sell well.

Things to bear in mind when choosing a product:

1/ Who Is Your Customer? Man, woman, child, student, retired, pensioner?

2/ What audience are you looking for? Young, Middle Aged, Seniors?

3/ Where will post your links on Social Media? Pinterest? YouTube? Instagram? Facebook?

4/ Which country are you targeting? Demographics?

All these factors take more than just an hour to find out! They take a lot of hard work and many hours at your computer.


Keyword Research Tool

Our TO DO list now expands to finding out whether this particular product we want to promote IS ACTUALLY being searched for! Now we have use a keyword research tool to find this out… notice the word RESEARCH and how many times it has come up in this article already?!

But wait! What is a keyword research tool? I’ve never heard of that before… do you put words in a key and manipulate it with a tool and write down the results in a research document?

Glad you asked that question!

A Keyword Research Tool is an Affiliate Marketing resource tool that allows you to find the lowest competition and highest traffic of any phrase that people are searching for in any search engine.

This allows you to use the correct phrase to draw higher levels of traffic to your website than you would if you just thought up a phrase to use to draw people to your website.

Suddenly now we have to be doing a whole lot of hard work that is taking up hours and hours of work on my computer…. But I thought he claimed that we didn’t need to spend hours working hard at my website on my computer? Hmmmmm….

For 1 product he wants me to go and find 4 different phrases that will rank with low competition and high traffic, isn’t that going to take a lot more time than just 1 hour? Of course it will, we’re proving that his claims are not correct, nor accurate.

Now we have to do this same exercise on 5 more other products! I’d say this is a lot of hard work and a lot of research, wouldn’t you?

But here comes the crunch!


Create 5 Articles On The Products Chosen

Uhm…. I thought you said I didn’t have to work hard?

5 Articles? How many words? How many images? How many links?



AHA! He outsources them! My word! For someone like me who doesn’t have any extra money to fork out to outsourcing because I’m trying to find the best way to MAKE MONEY online, why would I throw it away on outsourcing? This is quite absurd in my opinion for a newbie! Sure if you are further down the line in your Affiliate Marketing and you are earning oodles of money, why not outsource? After all you are only 1 person.

But to START with outsourcing? This is not a great recommendation at all!

Wait a moment now…! IF… IF I DO outsource this to someone, it STILL means I have to put some hours in providing the info I need to have the person write the article for me….! I would have tell them who it’s for, why they should buy it, and what the actual product is. Hmmmmm….


Posting Articles In WordPress

Once the articles are complete he recommends posting them on your website.

What was that? Post them on my website…? What website? As a newbie starting from scratch, one wouldn’t have even created one yet! What is the best way to create a free website online and what is the best WordPress hosting provider? I certainly don’t have oodles of money to just do this, and just do that!

Clearly that’s why I’m writing this review, to help you find answers to all of those questions and to show you how incorrect and inaccurate his claims are as to the EASIEST way to make money online.

Set And Forget vs Building Out Website

Now we are to build our website slow and steady… but hold on a moment, didn’t he just say a moment ago that they are set and forget Amazon Sites, so why do I have to do back and build them out and update them? Isn’t this contrary to what he claimed right at the beginning? Hmmmm….

The correct method to having a successful article bring traffic to your website is to initially not have more than 2 or 3 links in a 1,200 – 1,500 word article. That’s not many, granted, BUT! Google doesn’t like affiliate link stuffing, so it’s best to go with very few links to start out with than be slapped on the wrist by Google and thereby them not ranking your website.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Now we need to learn how to do SEO in order to be more successful with the products we want to promote on Amazon… but isn’t that going to cost more money and spending more time on my computer? Of course it is!

My take on this whole Deadbeat Basics $100 A Day eBook, is that Dan Brock is really trying to lure you into believing that you can do this whole exercise in an instant and not have to spend time and hard work on creating your website.

Personally, his information and claims that it doesn’t take much time are very inaccurate and we’ve proven that it will take a lot of time, effort, research, and hard work to make money online.


Not Recommended

I would not recommend Dan Brock’s methods the way he promotes them, as he is not explaining them correctly and he’s leading people astray, but here is my best recommendation on what is the best way to make money online, how to create a free website, AND the training to teach you how to use SEO – Search Engine Optimization, to help you drive traffic to your website.



My Recommendation

Having tried and tested this opportunity seen below, I have can highly recommend you take a moment to click on the image below and start building your very own website online today!


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If you have any further questions, or have had experience with Deadbeat Super Affiliate leave your comments below, we’d like to hear your experience.

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