What Is The Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool?

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The Google Keyword Planner Tool – similar to the WordTracker Utiliy seen in  the image above – is used for keyword research and strategy using a keyword planner or search tool, to provide results that will boost one’s ranking in Google’s Search Engine.

The major problem with this is that you have to first create a Google Adwords account and then you have to activate it before you can start typing in your search for your selected keywords.

However there are many alternatives to Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.

Once of them can be seen below.  This is one of the most advanced Keyword Planner Tools  on the internet today.  Take a look at all it has to offer and read on.


Best External Keyword Tool Alternative


What About Other Alternative Keyword Tools?

There are quite a few, but some have the results blurred out and so you cannot see what they are.  Others require you to enter your email address and are only freely available for a short trial period.

The problem with the Google Keyword Planner is that it is not always accurate and provides only the last year’s search results.  Half of the terms don’t show in the suggestion list and therefore may not show you the high volume keywords connected to your phrases you type in!

This means that the data provided in the results is unreliable and cannot be relied on.

Most people use the average monthly search feature and this only provides figures rounded to the nearest traffic bucket determined by Google.  If you choose Google Keyword Planner as your only means of keyword research, you’re going to miss out on massive opportunities that aren’t mentioned since their’s is only a broad cross section of what the actual results are.

Given this information, it now begs the question what do I use as a reliable keyword research tool outside of Google?

What Is An External Google Keyword Tool Alternative?

One of the best free keyword tool alternatives is the Keyword Research Tool within Wealthy Affiliate under the Premium Membership.  This has proven results in sites ranking in the top pages fairly quickly and the results are legitimate.

The next level up in an alternative keyword search platform, is Jaaxy.  See more info below as you continue to read.

Why Do We Use A Keyword Planner Tool For SEO?

It is a common known fact amongst budding SEO Entrepreneurs that they optimize their websites for successful search results in the major search engines on the internet.

Thus the reason we utilize a Keyword Planner Tool – to inform us of the greatest keywords internet users are using on the internet, in relation to our niche or genre of product or information we povide.

This allows us to further optimize our websites so that they will rank in the top pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo to name but a few.

But, you ask, do I REALLY have to use a Keyword Planner Tool?

Who Should Use A Keyword Planner Tool?

Not everyone uses this tool, but those who want to rank in the top pages do.  If you want to know how to rank in Google Search and be a part of being the first website seen by internet users when they search for something online, it is HIGHLY recommended you use a keyword tool.

So What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool ?

So far we’ve read about 2 reliable Keyword Research Tools that can offer exceptional results and I’ll explain in a moment how Jaaxy can even give you tips on how the competition is ranking in the top pages!

They are:

1/  Keyword Research Tool

2/  Jaaxy

Analyze Your Competition’s SEO

Best Website SEO Analysis Tool


Find out what and how your competition is doing to rank high in the major search engines.  This can be accomplished when you type in your opposition’s URL to Jaaxy’s Keyword Search Tool.

Know More Than Competition

It analyzes everything about the website through it’s Search Analysis Algorithm helping you to uncover the reasons why your competition is ranking in the top pages.

How Is Money Made Using A Keyword Planner Tool?

There is an advanced feature within the Jaaxy Keyword Tool that helps
you find PPC – Pay Per Click results that will help you earn more money
by finding the ones that are worth more.

Here is a screenshot of what can be done in Jaaxy regarding affiliate
programs and how much commission you can make on various platforms.

Niche Affiliate Programs Search


I typed in Affiliate Programs in the Keywords Search Bar and came up
with a list of affiliate programs well worth looking into.  The one that
caught my was the one for Reading Eggs.  But you can follow that

What Is The Alphabet Soup Platform?

Alhpabet Soup Keyword Searches

This is an amazingly powerful tool used to research and find hundreds of
Niches, which enables you to find the exact niche you’d like to promote
through your website.  These keywords can also be used for SEO and
PPC purposes.

What About The Latest Trends?

Brainstorming Trends

There is a unique feature called Brainstorm and it is used to find out what the latest Trends are so you can create the latest and greatest blogs on what people are trending.

Brainstorm Searches Results

How Do I Track My Website’s Ranking In The Search Engines?

Where Do I Rank In Searches?

In Jaaxy, you can use the Site Rank to find out where your website is ranking and you can track the rankings viewing it graphically.  You can do the same to find out where your competition is ranking and how they are progressing.

Want To Know The Secret To Getting Jaaxy Free Every Month?

Once you start using Jaaxy, you won’t want to use anything else because there are so many features available and there is a way to keep maintaining your Jaaxy Pro Membership, read further to see how to do this!

Simply refer people to Jaaxy because Jaaxy has an affiliate program and you will receive commissions each time someone joins through your link every month!  If you have enough people join through your promotions, you will eventually have your membership paid by the affiliates who join through your affiliation.

Keyword Research Tool Affiliate Program

3 Different Ways To Promote Jaaxy

Wait! You Said 3, But There Are 4!

Ah, Yes!  Indeed there are – the best one is a scripted plugin which you can use on any of your websites!

Jaaxy Search Plugin

It will look like this:

Simply try it out now and type in the keyword or keywords you are wanting to research and Jaaxy will open up in another screen providing the search results of your keyword query.

Now That I Have My Keywords Researched, How Do I Find The Best Domain?

I’m glad you asked that!  Built into Jaaxy is an exceptional feature that allows you to see immediately as you find your keywords search if that is available in a domain name.  Streamlining your processes is one of the main aims of Jaaxy and this is highly recommended in order to assist your websites to rank in the top pages of the search engines.

Buy From A List Of Domains

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Domain?

Best Domains No Upsells

The answer is plain and simple.  Once you’ve created a list of Domains that are available through the Keyword Searches you have done, and saved the lists, just head over to SiteDomains in Wealthy Affiliate and buy them there. 

Your OneStop Hosting, Purchasing Domains and Creating Websites!


The Best External Google Keyword Tool Alternative To The Google Keyword Planner is definitely Jaaxy!

Best Alternative Keyword Tool To Google Keyword Planner

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  1. Wow, great extensive review! You basically handled all the keyword tools I was considering. Jaaxy looks like a pretty good one to me. Thanks, certainly going to try it out.

  2. I have been using WA’s Keyword Tool and it has really helped me in writing posts on my niche. I did use Jaaxy to help me in determining my niche as well as finding the domain availability on the niche name. I find it as a very handy tool with my online marketing.


    1. Hi Sam

      I have to agree. WA’s Keyword Tool is a great help and good to fall back on when one doesn’t have funds to pay for Jaaxy. Both a great tools to help you move forward in ranking in the top pages.

  3. Ok, wow. I have been looking into using some sort of keyword search tool. Right now I just use a free version, and often wondered how up-to-date it is and if it is really helping me or hindering me. I really like the Jaaxy tool. It looks like it has a LOT of features! I especially like the “Brainstorm the Hottest Trends”. That seems like it would help put you ahead of the competition. I am curious if you use Jaaxy and if it has been beneficial to you. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to comment and most definitely I have been using Jaaxy and I find it quite an amazing tool to work with! So many amazing features that will help to build a successful online business.

      Jaaxy has been quite beneficial to me helping me find the lowest competition with the most monthly searches.

      Definitely worth the investing money in. I highly recommend it and the owners are always looking to improve the platform as technology evolves in the future.

  4. To be honest, I didn’t like Jaaxy for the longest time. I couldn’t afford another excellent keyword tools, so I stuck with Jaaxy. However, after their rebrand, I am liking the direction that they’re going in.

    I would advise adding some more keyword tools like Longtail Pro for example. They do have an aspect that Jaaxy doesn’t provide. They give you stats on how much keywords would be for PPC etc.

    Also, SEMRush allows you to analyse backlinks from sites which Jaaxy doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong; I stand by Jaaxy 100% now, I just think that there are other tools you can talk about on another blog or something.

    1. Hi Anthony
      You have so rightly said there are pros and cons of Jaaxy and there might be some improvements in the pipelines fairly soon. I agree that there needs to be a PPC feature as that is what a lot of other Keyword Tools provide, however, Jaaxy has some amazing features that none of the other keyword tools have and thus makes it one of the best Alternative Keyword Tool out there.
      Thanks for stopping by to give us your valuable input and wise words.

  5. HI Edu, I wish that I had read this post a few months ago. I was using googles keyword planner tool and found it quite frustrating and not user friendly. Being developed by Google, I imagined it to be the best but it wasn’t until I signed up to WA that I realised I had been wasting my time.

    First off, WA keyword research tool is more superior than googles in my opinion. It’s more specific and is a great free tool for members. But last week I signed up to Jaxxy and there’s no going back. It’s so much more than just a keyword tool and I’m glad I made the decision to sign up. Only being one week into using it I haven’t yet used all its functions but I can only say positive things about it so far and well worth the investment.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment Lee.

      Your words of encouragement will go a long way for someone reading this review of Jaaxy.

      Many times the best tools are hard to find like a needle in a haystack and I think Jaaxy is like that. There don’t seem to be many people who’ve heard of it, however, I think it’s one of the most powerful and most sophisticated Keyword Tool Alternatives to the fading Google Adwords Keyword Planner in comparison.

      The value for money cannot be surpassed and there is oh so much more in the Enterprise Membership!

      Thanks once again for stopping by!



    1. Hi Brent

      Glad you were able to gain help from the article.
      Let me know if you need further assistance.


  6. Hi there,
    I have used the Google keyword planner tool in the past however did not know it was quite inaccurate, which really means you are lead down the wrong path if you want to rank posts for your keywords.

    The Jaaxy tool is something I use now and I can vouch for everything you say here. Truly a fantastic tool with additional features to just finding keywords.

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.  Much appreciated.

      Yes, I was as suprised as you when I dug a little deeper to find out what was being said about Google Adwords Keyword Planner.  There are so many inconsistencies which as you say, will lead you down the garden path in the wrong direction.

      Agreed, Jaaxy is quite impressive and I’m not sure there are many other Keyword Research Tools that would match up to it as it is unique as it continues to evolve making it a sort after utility.



  7. I really liked the infromation that you gave in this Review. It really felt a little more like a review of Jaaxy than Google Adwords.

    The question I have is do you recommend using google adwords? You did say that the information is old and last years. So, I think you are not recommending adwords.

    You said that you have to sign up for adwords is there a cost to sign up? If there is how much is it and how does the cost compare to the cost of Jaaxy?

    All the best,


    1. Hi Rick!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      The question was ‘What Is The Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool?’ and is rightly so, not a review, it is a question which was answered in the first sentence.

      This led on to the disadvantages of The Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and thus due to it being unreliable, there had to be an alternative which gave rise to review other Keyword Research Tools.

      If you have the means wherewith to finance Google Adwords, by all means use it.  But we do our utmost to provide solutions that require minimal expenses or if at all possible, are free.

      There is a difference between Google Adwords and Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool. One is a way to pay for advertising, the other is how to find keywords to use that will benefit your ranking in the search engines.

      Google Adwords will definitely empty your financial pocket as it is an ongoing advertising campaign.

      Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool on the other hand is linked to Google Adwords giving you an idea how much it will cost to use those keywords in your Ad Campaign.

      I have to tell you that I used Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tool and as a free to use tool, it is not a User FriendlyPlatform in comparison to Jaaxy.  I became really frustrated and it became more evident that Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is far more superior and offers many more added features.

      You can click on the link to view the membership options available for Jaaxy.

      If you need any further assistance, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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